The Vodka (rus. водка, Woddi, Nasdrowje, white fat or russian tab-water), also known as the soul of the Russians. Experts say this beverage has to lead to hair-loss and temporary blindness, otherwise it's just no good.


Rum is the weird drunken uncle of alcoholic beverages. He shows up late on partys, you want him to stay away from your kids, and well, he expresses his charme just after 2am. But hey! It's your only chance to become a REAL pirate, and let's be honest, you wanted this your whole life. And now that your finally 18, you're able to get that feeling to steer a ship into total chaos. And yes the "ship" is a metaphor for your brain. AAAaarrrrrrrrrr!


Sake (jap. 酒, /sɑ.kɛ/) is a synoym for wine made out of rice. A clear white-tainted alcoholic bevarage from Japan with round about 15 to 20% alcohol. To craft the art of the "Drunken Master" you can either watch all Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies in a row or just take one sip of this eastern kung-fu kick.


Energydrinks are spacially useful drinks, that helps you to ramble through your life without any useless sleep (which is just an invention of the bed-industry anyway).


Coca-Cola is high-class super-drug invented in 1923. It's intention is to enslave mankind and rule the world after it's own premises. Otherwise this brown liquid is really damn tasty and ensures dentist-jobs all over the globe .


tonic will let you shine in the dark. The quinine-containing drink will blind every enemy and will turn you into the hero(in) of the night.


is anything else but lame. A shot of lime will spice up your drink with the necessary adrenalin kick. Therefore, if you need an internal stir to make the base-jump in your body perfect, ad some lime!


The importance of the strawberry is for the pussy and the seducer pretty much the same. No other fruit, with its juicy and sweet taste, compliments a drink better than the strawberry. No other fruit drowns out the bitterness of daily life, triggers summer in your brain, lets the lips move more sensually and therefore hearts faster.


Santa Clause doesn't exist? That ´s what you think? A twinkle of cinnamon in your Razzle Dazzle and you'll sleigh on Saturn's orbit with him and rudolf the goddamn reindeer.


if you still belong to the old school trendies, the taste of mint will definitely throw you back into your younger days, reminding you of the good old times, happily chewing your Wrigley's spearmint gum.





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